Robots need to see the world

We strongly believe that robots need to have vision in order to actuate in a smart and efficient way. For us, seeing the environment is critical to allow the robot decide what to do next and how to do it right.

At Migtron we see a near future in which service robots will see the world through their own cameras. Thanks to their vision systems they will be aware of everything that happens around them.

Our vision technology

Following this belief, we've focused our efforts in developing our own robotic vision system. For its design we inspired in biological vision systems due to its proven quality, high robustness and performance.

This way, we defined the set of functionalities that should be featured by our system:

Our vision solution, already in advanced development stage, will allow any mobile robot provided with a camera to:

This vision technology is intended to become the basic element from which to build higher robotic capabilities such as smart navigation, dexterous manipulation and team cooperation.


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