Robots need smart navigation

Smart navigation is a highly demanded feature in today's service robots. It involves moving between different locations without getting lost in the way.

But smart navigation requires having a good perceptual system, able to identify objects and compute their positions in the environment. This is generally solved through costly laser range finders in high end robots, but it's not an affordable option for low cost robots.

Floor-cleaning robots are a clear example of that. Their simple sensory system just allows them to move following random trajectories through the room.

Navigating with vision

We at Migtron want to respond to this demand by developing a smart navigation system based in our vision technology.

Using its vision the robot will be able to build a virtual map of the environment with information of targets, obstacles and paths. Thanks to this map the robot will be able to:

This navigation system, still in early stages, is intended to allow low cost robots to move in smart and efficient ways in any space, with the single requirement of having a camera.


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