Other important capabilities such as learning, dexterous manipulation or team cooperation are in our plans of future developments. Based in our vision technology, these capabilities will expand the applicability of service robots to new useful tasks.

Robots that learn.

Robots with learning capability will be able to analyze the results of its actions, knowing which are the best ones to be executed in each situation in order to better accomplish their tasks. This will lead robots to deliver faster and higher quality results as more times they repeat a given task.

Robots that manipulate objects.

Dexterous manipulation will allow robots equipped with hand-arm units to pick up and manipulate objects. Supported by their vision system these robots will perform the hand approach and the grasping, then a manipulation of the object and its placement in a final destination.

Robots that work as a team.

Cooperation capabilities will allow a group of robots to work as a team, following coordinated strategies to accomplish a common task. Each robot will play a specific role within the team while being aware of the global task's progress and completion.

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