The service robots revolution

The service robotics industry has rapidly grown in the last years. Every year, millions of new service robots enter our homes and offices. Most of them used for domestic tasks, such as floor-cleaning, toy, elder care or assistance robots. And another big bunch used for professional services, such as surveillance, agriculture, logistics or medical robots.

Their number increases every year. Their market acceptance widens and new applications appear. But these service robots have still a long way to go. They are not as smart and efficient as they could be. Most of them still need human supervision to work. They lack real full autonomy.

The industry's challenge is to create a new generation of robots. Ones that are smarter and fully autonomous. Able to work anywhere, efficiently and without any human help.

Contributing to the challenge

Migtron Robotics wants to contribute to this challenge. Our mission is to create advanced solutions that make these robots smarter.

We think that robots should be provided with more powerful capabilities. Capabilities allowing them to perform real complex tasks totally on their own. Some of these capabilities would be:

The global robotics community, involving industry and academy, is pushing ahead towards this goal. We are part of it. So we are engaged on it to achieve it.

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